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It's past midnight and I'm up thinkiiiiing

My cat is weird. After he uses the litterbox, he has a spurt of energy and bolts around the house, climbs the furniture, runs up and down the stairs and occasionally snorts at me. Within five minutes he relaxes and goes back to napping.

This random information was naturally vitally important for me to write in my LJ. It couldn't be ignored. Ehehe...

Anyway, I've been having a lot of odd vivid dreams lately, and I suppose it's because I don't have classes yet and I allow myself to sleep longer than I normally do. I do enjoy my dreams, sometimes I wish I could stay in them. I've honestly never had a nightmare. In my dreams I'm usually a hero or a spy of some sort, on a secret mission. There's this sense of importance and danger. And I'm on the run, trying to escape from someone or something. Sometimes I can fly or spontaneously become invisible. I go through lots of green fields and giant multi-storey buildings. It's a blast. My dreams make me happy.

I downloaded a trial version of WoW a couple weeks ago; the trial period just ended, and while I enjoyed the game more than I had hoped (my friend is a regular player and insisted I check it out), I'm afraid that if I upgrade, I'll become an addict and ignore my responsibilities. This has happened to me in the past. I easily become addicted to things. When there is something I like, I concentrate on that one single Thing until my brain has melted. Sometimes it's a good thing (like when I'm trying to finish a long report for class). And I know that I am smart enough now not to follow the stupid mental patterns of my teenage years. Still, I'm not going to bother with WoW. The money is not the problem, it's the time. I have very little time for it, I would either have to sacrifice another hobby of mine for WoW or play the game for at most a couple hours late every night. Not willing to do any of these things.
And so, I'll never be a Level 85 Blood Elf Warrior. It's not my destiny... what a shame. XD

A site that deals with WoW statistics said 16% of players are female. Of course, that stat isn't completely accurate, but it still means the vast majority of players are dudes. I thought there would be more girls. I'm sad there aren't more gamer girls, it makes me feel alone, as usual. I did a search on google for talented female WoW players, and I did find a couple of pleasant articles. Along with an immature forum discussing the hotness of certain well-known female gamers. Along with a list of the top ten sexiest female guitar players (?), best WoW costumes, a page with this description: "I guess the only way to find out is to have all female WoW players on this board post their pictures... their naked, naked pictures." And then a long, rather infuriating Times article that basically described female gamers as only playing WoW to flirt, find relationships, and mess with the minds of sad, socially inept nerds. 
Umm.... I'd like to kill something.

Moving on before I spiral into incoherent raging: WoW is a genuinely enjoyable game. I played as an Undead Hunter, made it up to level 20 in a day and a half during which I got about zero sleep. What can I say, I'm obsessive. And destroying zombie bears and werewolves is fun. After I finally turned off the computer, I was still seeing the game in my mind's eye. It was scarily hilarious because I went to the supermarket right after and it was like the supermarket was part of the game and I was collecting stuff for a quest.

Conclusion: Gender is retarded. I'd like to be an android.

Lunar Eclipse from my Room

Sunset from my Window AGAIN

And another sunset photo from my balcony. Yesterday I returned to my mother's house and I'm probably going to be here for most of the month studying, reading, drawing, and amusing myself however I can.

Random things on my mind: I really hope 2011 will be good. I know resolutions are cliché, but I've honestly never felt more determined to keep them. I feel happier than I have in months and I know I can reach my goals. It's an amazing feeling... So *deep breath* Time to get a move on!

Dec. 29th, 2010

Hungary is taking over the EU Presidency on January 1st. This time I think I will actually follow the plans and policies although I am usually indifferent to current politics. Mostly I'm interested in what they will have to propose in April for a Roma (gypsies) strategy.

Italy and France want to deport Roma back to where they came from and stop illegal migration. Romania wants to join Schengen next year, and France thinks this is mainly because then the Roma will have an easy path to Western Europe where they will do nothing but steal, have babies, and live in dusty shacks on the edges of cities.
Hungary is backing Romania, and acting like it just loves cultural diversity and plans to implement the Stockholm Programme which on the surface sounds like a magical solution to everything... but we'll see what happens.

As for my own opinion on the Roma... No comment. Just a list of experiences: I've been spit on for no reason by a couple of gypsy guys, my friend got beat up by a gang of them, another friend was almost robbed in a park at night, in the news a homeless gypsy boy stabbed another boy with a knife while trying to steal his MP3 player... Hell, the head of Győr-Moson-Sopron county's gypsy minority commission was arrested for trafficking prostitutes in Vienna.
Historically, they have always been outsiders. Keeping them in work, in school is extremely difficult. I do feel sorry for them because their troubles could surely be changed for the better... but it's going to take a lot of time. Changing stereotypes and stubborn mindsets is not easy...


Dec. 28th, 2010

Last post before going to sleep. I just had to include this today after walking around all afternoon with some lovely friends from Singapore and showing them the sights. :D

This is a Hungarian breed of dog called the Komondor that we spotted at the Christmas market. According to wikipedia: "The Komondor is an old-established powerful dog breed which has a natural guardian instinct to guard livestock and other property. The Komondor was mentioned for the first time in 1544 in a Hungarian codex. The Komondor breed has been declared one of Hungary’s national treasures, to be preserved and protected from modification. They are quite rare in the United States, as most owners are unfamiliar with their coarse hair.

Today the Komondor is a fairly common breed in Hungary, its country of origin. Many Komondors were killed during World War II and local stories say that this is because the dog had to be killed before the building where it lived could be captured."


Cemetery Again

As promised, the rest of the pictures of the abandoned village cemetery of Mocsa!

PiiiicturesCollapse )

Lunar Magic

And this is a photo of the moon outside my bedroom window one night:

My Favorite Abandoned Cemetery

Back in Budapest at last. Finally I can upload pictures again, so without further ago, here are two from the village cemetery of Mocsa -- a village in Komárom-Esztergom county with a population of about 2000 people. Many of my relatives still live in this village; I even have great-great grandparents buried here. :)

The cemetery has a very long history, the territory of the village has been used as a burial ground since Roman times! There's a stone that marks the exact site, it's about one kilometer away from the location of the current cemetery.

I hope the pictures are nice. Unfortunately it was an overcast day. The sun came out at random moments, then immediately dipped behind the clouds again. :/ More coming soonnnnn!!

Christmas Soon

It's December 23rd but it feels like a particularly warm day in March. Most of the snow has melted, the sun is out, shining on all the puddles and wet rooftops. I went on a two-hour walk in Győr, just loving the fresh air.

The day before yesterday I visited my relatives in Mocsa, and I took some photographs of the abandoned village cemetery. I will post these next week once I return to Budapest. It's such a shame that the trees and bushes of the cemetery have been cut down... the eerie feeling that you're in a horror movie setting is gone. The place was very creepy in the past when the cemetery was in the middle of an overgrown forest.

Not much else to say except... looking forward to the future!

Dec. 20th, 2010

Unfortunately, I won't be able to post new photos for a week. I can't upload or process them on my mom's old computer, so, for now here is a random photo of the Castle District again:

I love photos of streetlamps at night, especially ones that give off a creepy, otherworldy glow.

In other news, my mother baked some gingerbread cookies this morning, I bought Queen of the Damned, an old Anne Rice favorite which I haven't read in about 5 years, and overall I have just been enjoying Christmas break. After the holidays I am going to have sooo much work; it is a little daunting and all the more reason to take full advantage of this peaceful last week.

Come January I'll have exams and a new semester, tons of artwork to finish by March, collect money for my tattoo in February, sell my guitar and other random stuff, keep my mom happy by visiting her every weekend, visit relatives, hang out with friends and hopefully get a new boyfriend, write, and then have time for exercise and taking photographs and reading. Mostly I'm worried about money... I hope I'll be able to get by without needing to get a job on weekends or something. 

Well, even though the new year has lots of work stacked up for me, 2011 will also be full of surprises and exciting events. These are what I look forward to most, can't wait to see what will happen!